The People Center for Development and Peace (PDP-Center) is a fully localized non-governmental organization (NGO) advocating in Cambodia, supported by the World Bank, Forum Syd, IOGT-NTO Movement and Pact Cambodia. It was established 20th November 2004 by the founders of the Khmer Youth Association to promote freedom, transparency, the rule of law and democracy in Cambodia.


Our main goal is to address a number of problems existing in Cambodia. This includes poverty, corruption, impunity, loss of land, trafficking of women and children, drug trafficking, lacking healthcare etc. These problems can cause Cambodian people falling into even deeper poverty if they are not remediated. We want to tackle these issues and believe that an effective approach is to gather people with a strong commitment to address and prevent the problems at hand. We will work for a society with respect, tolerance and proper health care and without corruption.


Over the years, PDP-Center has advocated for a better anti-corruption bill and an alcohol policy. It organizes workshops, campaigns throughout the country, tries to gain support from the government for its campaigns and helps to raise awareness among the Cambodian people.


With its head office in Phnom Penh, PDP-Center is currently operating its programming activities in five target areas throughout the country including Svay Rieng, Siem Reap, Banteay Mean Chey, Battambang and Phnom Penh. It is governed by a Board of Directors and a Management Team who are elected by the General Assembly every four years. PDP-Center is comprised of a handful of experienced and qualified people who have been involved in the fields of democracy and rule of law advocacy for over a decade.