Climate Change

Civic Engagement for Climate Change Adaptation

Sustainable natural resource management is imperative to the future of Cambodia. Whilst the country’s rich and diverse natural capital previously made a significant contribution to national growth, the degradation of natural resources, increasing vulnerability to environmental shocks and impact of climate change, is predicted to have a dramatic impact. The effects of climate change include rising temperatures, drought, and increased flooding during wet season, leading to changing ecosystems i.e. food and water supply. With an estimated 81 percent of the population in rural areas and over 60 percent of the urban population directly or indirectly relying on income generated from forestry, fishery and agricultural industries, mitigating the impact/s of climate change is essential to survival.

The Civic Engagement for Climate Change Adaptation Project aimed to increase Cambodia’s adaptive capacity to climate change. The project was implemented in 2012, Siem Reap Province. Through education and capacity building, the project empowered local community members to engage in governance processes and advocacy in support of environmental sustainability.

Full report available here.

Success Story

The combination of PDP-Center projects ‘Civic Engagement in Promoting Climate Change Adaptation’ and ‘Better Democracy for Community’, both implemented in Siem Reap, has led to significant development in Samrong Year and Tachet Villages. The project/s have succeeded in strengthening local good governance by encouraging right holders and duty bearers to work together in addressing community problems. 

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