Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) And Success Stories

The Success Stories for (IPV)

The Stories of Change (2015)

Thisfollowing stories illustrates the positive effects from arising awareness ofalcohol abuse  

Community people reducingalcohol consumption

Local wine (white wine) isone of various types of alcohol consumed and produced in Cambodia. It’saffordable price means that it is easy to buy and people will become drunk morequickly than other forms of alcohol. Many local communities drink white wineand it is frequently drunk at celebrations such as weddings, ceremonies andparties. Many people only consider the positive effects of alcohol, that itmakes the consumer happy, less stressed and more masculine; however they failto grasp the negative impacts of alcohol on health and their life. Read full story  


Community People StrongCommitment to Stop Using Alcohol 

Svay Rieng, a remote province locatednear the Vietnam border, is considered to have one of the highest alcoholconsumption rates in Cambodia. Alcohol abuse negatively impacts the community’shealth, security, poverty, violence, traffic accident rates and honour. Alcoholis the primary cause of these issues, yet many people are still notsufficiently concerned about these problems or the role they can play inchanging the culture; they don’t have the information or perspective to linkalcohol negative consequences with the consumption itself.Read full story


It is bad to me, I quite it

Local wine (Sra Sor) is oneamong varies type of alcohol which is easy to find in local market and anyother places. Through the believed of people in the remote areas wineisconsidering as medicine to tread varies sickness especially for women after givingbirth or to cut stress. During public campaign in Thmea commune on19 October 2015 there were more than 150 participants participated in thisevent. To run the public campaign PDP-Center have been working in this communesince and have been making one stakeholder meeting and 6 communities talksalready.  Read full story


Local Authority welcomesPDP-Center work and show the progressive change through their observation onIPV project 

IPV harm is a concerningsubject to raise awareness and need a construed policy to work on because eachmonth in Chet Borey district there is always few violence cases related toalcohol abused, according to the interview with the deputy district governorMr. Oung Sambath on October 28th, 2015 at Da Commune after participated inpublic campaign. He continuing that: “Before PDP-Center went for IPV project inChet Borey district in 4 commune (Kouleab Commune, Bos Leav Commune, Thmore KreCommune and Da Commune) there were 70% to 80% of its citizen consumingalcoholand mostly they consuming lots each time especially when there is a celebrationsuch as weeding, National Holiday, Phum Ben’s days or party even though womenconsuming alcohol to cure their sickness or after deliver baby. Read full story 


Case Study OF Preventing InTimate Partner Violence Project (PIPV Project) 2017

I.       Introduction

PDP Center has been working on alcohol consumptionsfor some years and ithasmadesignificant  progress with communities and groups in their target areas, and remarkableachievement with respect topolicy influence. The Commune Alcohol Notification(CAN)was implantingin16communes/Sangkats in Svay Rieng and Kratie.CAN has affected the reduction of theave ragequantity of monthly beer consumption perper son and so doesricewine.It is believed thatit can contributeto a reductionin alcohol abuse and IPV.CAN isa voluntary method for the commune level, aiming to create aware nesson risks of alcohol which causetoin timatepart nerviolence(IPV) 1.In addition to curb with it seffec ton childabuse,accidents,and soon.Alcohol-consumption should alsobean important publich ealth is suebut potentiallyleadodrug use among young population in Cambodia which is amajor publicconcern2. Read Full Story