National Alcohol Policy And Success Stories

      The National Alcohol Policy 

       The purpose of the National Alcohol Policy Act is to contribute to the public health and happiness in the population

       through prevention of harmful drinkin and alcohol related harms by controlling the environment of alcohol consumption.

       High level summary of the policy framework

  1. Limit physical accessibility - with a reform of the national tax system, modification of the licensing system and alcohol pricing

  2. Modify attitudes towards drinking - with limitation of alcohol advertising and promotion

  3. Reduce risks - with a system to prevent harmful drinking and enhance measures against driving under the influence of alcohol

  4. Implement the alcohol policy in all areas - and establishing education plans in work places and at school levels

  5. Establish efficient and supportive environment for the alcohol policy - with alcohol education and training of professionals 

           To access the full National Alcohol Policy Act 2013,  Please download 
           For further information and access to the Seoul Declaration, Please download  

       'The Mechanism Towards Building a National Policy to Manage Alcohol'-workshop, 27th January 2014

On the 27th of January, PDP-Center, the Movement of Health and the 8th Senate held a workshop on 'The Mechanism Towards Building a National Policy to Manage Alcohol' at the Senate in Phnom Penh. The purpose of the workshop was to come up with a national policy to control and monitor the consumption and promotion of alcohol in Cambodia. Alcohol has become a serious issue in Cambodia and although it is economically successful, especially as the tourism industry grows, it can have a negative effect on public health and civil society. Medically, it has caused an increase in both communicable and non-communicable diseases; but more startling is its impact on society. Alcohol is a large contributor to traffic accidents, domestic violence, rape, debauchery and more. Alcohol is also advertised without any limitations. The advertisements show people enjoying themselves without any warnings about the consequences of alcohol use. Because of this, people increase their consumption of alcohol, especially the younger population. Please download 

To listen to a radio segment about the workshop,Please download 

Alcohol Policy success stories 

Mr. Sung Yoeun started reducing his alcohol consumption in 2011, and in 2013 he completely quit drinking. As a result of kicking his bad habit he is now in better shape than before. He is stronger and can work to support his family and can even go fishing. Sometimes, when his wife goes out to do businesses, he cooks for the entire family. Every month he earns at least 100,000 riel (25 USD) and his children earn 200,000 riel (50 USD), so there is 300,000 riel (75 USD) in total per month to support the family's living. Consequently, their standard of living is now better than ever before. The communication in the family has also improved, because they can now talk to each other without fear. “I am very proud and happy about my husband’s change in attitude. This is what every family needs.” his wife, Mrs. Khum, said.

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Success Stories at Pursat Province

Mr Chab Hat in Pur Sat

This  year  2015,  Mr.  Chab  Hat  has  increased  its accountability for his family and community people. He works  closely  with  people  to  deal  the  problems  happen in  their  community  as  before  he  was  not  much  cared about  it.  He  has  facilitated  people  to  join  efforts  to securing  our  village  safety.  People  have  increased respect  to  him.  Beside  of  community  work,  he  and  his wife  take  look  their  grandchildren  and  have  raised animals which are cows, chickens, and ducks in order to earn more income for their live. His youngest son now is opening a phone repairing shop at Yea Kab Kroam Market. They could earn 20000Riels (5USD) to  30000Riels  (7.50USD)  per  day.  So  his  family  living  condition  is  better  and  harmony  than before. Read Full Stories

Success Stories at Svay Rieng Province

Mr. NHEN Ra in Svay Rieng

Mr. Nhen Ra, age 48, He lives in Svay Chek village, Svay Chek Commune Romdoul District, Svay Rieg Province.His wife name’s Yors Lorn, age 48with four children.  Mr.Nhen Ra before was an alcohol addicted.  He expressed that before he loved drinking So much. He drank alcohol since he was 23 year old. During that time until now he always get sick. He often goes to hospital for medical treatment. His family economic was not so good because Mostly, he spent too much money on health. Sitting on the bed which is made by the bamboos and under the wooden house answered with red face that health is important thing, beside health problem when he got drunk he sometimes could not control himself especially he used to speak impolite word to his wife and sometime the violence happened even he knew that his wife was really busy at home. One day on 16, June. He attended the talk which is arranged by PDP.Read Full Stories

Success Stories at Battam Bong Province

Mr. Soun Yen in Battam Bong
Drinking alcohol became habit and it is simple for Cambodian  neither,  city  or  county  side. Cambodian people are not understand well about any disaster which is related to alcohol consumption and live with doubt about their health harm and many problems. They forgot that alcohol consumption which they are using is the assistant that damage their health and happiness. Read Full Stories 

Case Studies in 2016

Project:Alcohol Policy


I. Reducing Alcohol Consumption in Funeral Ceremonies
II. The effectiveness of CAN Kampong Ampil Commune, Svay Rieng Province
III. Woman Leads Community to Reduce Alcohol Consumption
IV. Stop Drinking Alcohol for Family Happiness
V. Youth’s Work to Reduce Alcohol Consumption in The Community
VI. Alcohol Root is Pulled Out in Sangkat Check You Can Read Full Story Click Here!

Joint Hands For Implementing Commune Alcohol Notification (CAN) April13,2017