Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Natural Resource Management t Success Story 2016

1. Fishery Community in Sangkat O’Ambel

“I do not only support but I also contribute my strengt hand resources to protect fish.”

Prahot Lake is located in Sangkat O’Ambel,Banteay Meanchey and it provide sproper daily in come through fish collecting to 4,509 families ,apopulationof18,530,including8,840 women. Before 2014, fishin Prahot Lake had been facedillegal fishing and someusing dangerousequipment to collect fish. There sponse from local authorities is limiteddue to ack of resources and cooperation.
Youth for Development(YFD) is acommunity-basedorganization(CBO) in SangkatO’Ambel,Banteay Meanchey. YFD works to protect the fish in Prahout Lake,YFD has conducteds ever altraining sessions and activitie saimed to promotea warenessin the community and local authorities. Due toYFD’sactivities, there are noticeable changes of community behavior,knowledge,living condition,and contribution which would create sustain ability and owner ship in fishery management.The story of Mr.Lim Rous will describe how NRM project good impactin Prahot community. Read full Story

2. Trapang Plang Forestry Community

Svaycheck commune,AngkorThomdistrict is a forestry community of atotal of 232 hectares that benefit1434families.The total population is 6932, including 3584women. These commune residents make a living thorough harvesting in the forest for small rattan,mushrooms,herbs,vegetables,honey,within others.Most of the women are crafts-workers,whose in come depend on there sources obtain from the forest.If these areas are cleared,their live lihood would be in danger.Priorto PDP-Center’s NRM project, this fore stry community experienced conflicts with the military and other sin positions of power, who wanted to clear this forest for business. The military tried to intimate residents by showing their weapons,booms,and bringing tanks to the part. They proceeded to threaten to kill anyone who attempted to drive them away from the forest.Community residents and local authorities took action to advocate against the group of soldiers,although they knew they would be taking greatrisks.After the groups(community residents,leaders and local authorities)worked to gether to advocate with the Forestry Administration, the military decided to leave the forest. Read full Story