Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Success Stories!

Protecting Prahot Lake

Prahot Lake of Sangkat O’Ambel, Banteay Meanchey Province, supports the livelihood of 4,509 families - a total population of 18,530 people. In ensuring environmental sustainability and local ownership, PDP-Center and local community based organization Youth for Development (YFD) partnered to promote awareness and education of effective NRM. Village Chief Mr. Lim Ros reports positive changes within the community as a result of local engagment with PDP-Center and YFD, including increases to local income and living conditions. 

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A win for the Trapang Plang forestry community

The Trapang Plang forest, Svaycheck Commune, Angkor Thom District, covers 232 hectares of land and supports the livelihood of 6,932 people. However conflict over ownership and use of the forest proved detrimental to community wellbeing and forest sustainability. PDP-Center provided community training in support of local rights to ownership and access, empowering local advocacy towards increased forest protections. Mr. Kmoa Nhanh of the Forestry Community Committee notes the strong community commitment to forest conservation, with increased awareness and education following PDP-Center activities. 

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