I. Introduction 
In  2014,  1800  people  (consisting  of  1081  males  and  719  females)  completed  a  survey  detailing  the current  trends  relating  to  alcohol  consumption.  The  survey  attempted  to  identify  and  understand  the current inclinations towards alcohol in Cambodia and to assess the community’s understanding of the negative health and social effects that excessive use of alcohol can lead to.  
Alcohol is a major problem in Cambodia, where alcohol consumption is extremely high and embedded into society. Lack of legal enforcement and age restrictions on alcohol consumption, the dominance of alcohol  advertising  and  alcohol  being  too  accessible  all  contribute  to  further  alcohol  related  issues. Alcohol  causes  adverse  effects  on  health,  road  safety,  domestic  violence  and  work  productivity.  It essentially effects all facets of society, hence it is crucial to eradicate the lack of understanding towards these negative consequences of such a prevalent issue. 

 People’s Perception On Harmful Use Of Alcohol And Measure ToReduce Alcohol Use